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Humans Of Intramurals

It’s been one heck of a ride. Back in September 2017 while working with the University of Toronto Intramurals program, I help started the #HumansOfIntramurals program with Nick Snow. Since then I got to meet, interview, and make connections with some of the most amazing people at UofT.

Humans Of Intramurals is all about the student-athletes, staff, and/or alumni who all had some sort of connection with the intramurals program at UofT. The participants talk about their experiences with life at school, playing intramural sports, and anything else that may come to mind.

This experience had allowed me to see that there is more to then just taking photos of people, it showed me how much I loved connecting with others and hearing their stories and how much of an impact sports and academics had made on the student athletes lives.

When talking and taking photos of more than a 100 participants over the last 2 years, I can truly say I loved every moment of it. Here are just a few of the amazing people I got to meet.

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